Meet the Uphaus Family


Uphaus Farms is very excited to be hosting the final Breakfast on the Farm event of the year. Lyndon and Ann Uphaus are looking forward to opening their beef cattle feedlot to the public and showcasing how their operation has expanded since it began over 139 year ago.

Lyndon is the fifth generation to operate the family-owned farm. Uphaus cares for around 1,000 beef animals annually, with about 450 cattle on site at once. Brought in as yearlings at 800 pounds, the cattle stay about five months and leave at around 1,350 pounds. When they leave the farm, the cattle head to Tyson Foods in Joslin, Illinois or to Philadelphia.

The farm is not limited to the feedlot. Lyndon works around 600 acres of crop land. This year the farm has 450 acres of corn, 100 acres of soybeans, and 50 acres wheat. The majority of the crops grown are utilized on the farm and fed to the cattle. The remainder are sold, with about a third of the crop going to the ethanol plant in Riga, Mi.

Lyndon and his wife, Ann, have two daughters- Sarah (Dave) and Katy. Lyndon is a member of Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Corn Growers Association and the National Corn Growers Association.

Last Updated 08/26/2014