Meet the Reid family


Jim and Pam Reid, owners of Reid Dairy Farm, LLC are looking forward to hosting the first Breakfast on the Farm for 2013. Jim started farming with his father in 1962 on a farm settled by Jim’s grandparents in 1868. Jim and Pam moved about 4 miles from the family centennial farm to their present farm in 1978. 

The Reid’s grow corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa on 1,100 acres of cropland. This year they have 371 acres of soybeans, 340 acres of corn, 160 acres of hay and 125 acres of wheat. They raise enough hay and corn for their cows and then sell the remaining wheat, corn and soybeans. Their dairy herd consists of  205 milking and dry cows that produce an average of 28,000 pounds of milk each year. This equates to each cow producing about 88 pounds of milk or about 10 gallons of milk per day. Their milk is shipped to Michigan Dairy, a Kroger bottling plant.  

Jim currently holds several statewide leadership positions in the dairy industry. He is president of the United Dairy Industry of Michigan board of directors, member of the Michigan Milk Producers Association board of directors and member of MSU’s Dairy Advisory Team. In 2012 the family was honored with the MSU Dairy Farmer of the Year award, and in 2010 they received the Michigan Farm Bureau Ecology Leadership Award. In 2009 they were recognized with the NorthStar Progressive Dairy Producer of the Year award and they have received numerous milk quality awards. Jim is a past president of the St. Clair County Farmland Preservation Board, past chair of the St. Clair County Soil Conservation District, and past president of the St. Clair County Farm Bureau. 

Over the years Jim and Pam have been early adopters of several conservation practices on their farm, and since 2010 the Reid Dairy Farm has maintained verification in the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program. MAEAP is a voluntary program that encourages Michigan farmers to adopt cost-effective pollution prevention practices in compliance with state and federal environmental regulations. MAEAP offers verification in different farming systems, and the Reids are verified in livestock systems, crops and general farmsteads. Jim and Pam have also been progressive in energy efficiencies and have solar panels installed on the roof of their cow housing facility. The electricity that is generated provides about 20 percent of the farm’s electrical needs, and they save about 30 percent on their monthly electrical bill. These practices and the Reids emphasis on having comfortable and healthy cows will be highlighted during the self-guided walking tour of their farm.

Jim and Pam have three children – Jason, Jamie and Jeff, and six grandchildren. Jeff works on the farm and in addition to Jim, Jeff and Jim’s brother, the farm has 7 full and part time employees.

Last Updated 06/04/2013