Meet the Zwemmer Family


Frank, Marie (Frank’s wife), Ruud, Carmen, Paul, Saskia and Jake Zwemmer

The Zwemmer family is very excited to be hosting the second Breakfast on the Farm event this summer. Jake and Saskia Zwemmer are third generation dairy farmers. The Zwemmers are previously from the Netherlands, they moved their family and their dairy operation to “the land of opportunity” in 1999. In the United States there was more room for expansion of the dairy operation.

Jake and Saskia have four children who all help operate the farm, Frank, Rudd, Carmen and Paul. The Zwemmers currently own four dairy farms and have a total of 10,000 cows between their farms. Roto-Z Dairy, that is hosting the event, houses over 3,500 cows and is equipped with a rotary parlor and a promotional center for visitors.

The Zwemmers market their milk through the Dairy Farmers of America and have received many awards throughout the years for their milk quality and production.

Consumer education is very important to the Zwemmers. “Our farm is our livelihood and our cows are like family. We want to make sure that consumers know how much farmers really do care. We drink the same milk that everyone else does and in order to produce high quality milk there needs to be high quality care for the cows.” said Jake Zwemmer.

The Zwemmer’s invite you to check out the farm online by visiting their Facebook page, They look forward to meeting visitors in person at their farm July 25 during the second Breakfast on the Farm of the season.

Last Updated 06/02/2015