Meet the Stakenas Family


From left: Murray Stahl- MAEAP tech. Terri Stakenas, Bill Stakenas, Carl Stakenas, Kay Stakenas, Stephanie Stakenas, Tom Stakenas, Greyson Stakenas, Martin Stakenas, front center, Kyle Stakenas.

Stakenas Farms is the first stop of five Breakfast on the Farm events for this summer. Stakenas Farms has been family owned and operated for 95 years and the family is looking forward to educating consumers about modern day dairy practices.

It is now on its fourth generation of family owning the farm, which is currently managed by Bill and Terri Stakenas and Bill’s brother and wife Carl and Kay Stakenas. They are just finishing up expanding their farm so that future generations can be more involved.

Stakenas Farms is MAEAP verified and currently milks 500 cows. They have a very unique flush manure system that allows them to be more resourceful when it comes to water usage on the farm. They are able to sort out the sand from the manure by a water system, which the water is reused over many times. This allows for them to reuse the sand as bedding and the manure as fertilizer.

Conservation of the environment is very important to Stakenas Farms. They recently received the 2014 Conservation of the year Quality Award from their local conservation district.

Along with the dairy operation Stakenas Farms has 1500 acres of corn and alfalfa they grow to use to feed their herd.

Outside of the farm, the Stakenas are members of Michigan Milk Producers Association, Acres Cooperative and Michigan Farm Bureau.

Last Updated 05/26/2015