Meet the Ferry Family


Scott and Ali Ferry, owners of Ferry Farms, LLC are looking forward to hosting a Michigan State University Extension Breakfast on the Farm this fall. The Ferry’s are fourth generation owners who purchased the family farm in Litchfield, Michigan in 2009. To help ensure the best possible farm, the Ferry’s make sure to follow guidelines set by the Michigan Agriculture Environment Assurance Program (MAEAP). MAEAP is a completely voluntary and proactive program that farms voluntarily prevent or minimize risks of agriculture pollution.

Ferry Farm, LCC was first established in 1906. In October, 2009, not long after purchasing the farm, the Ferry’s were plagued with a structure fire that forced them to rebuild some of their facilities. They rebuilt a new commodity barn as well as their shop, where the space is used to fix and maintain older equipment. “We’d rather put money into maintaining the older equipment and facilities around the farm than buying brand new equipment,” owner, Ali Ferry, said. In 2011, the Ferry’s also added the first free stall barn to the farm. Scott and Ali are currently milking around 300 cows twice a day. The milk produced at Ferry Farms is shipped through Michigan Milk Producers Association. Bull calves that are born on the farm are raised by an employee & family friends and used as 4-H projects by local youth. Ferry Farms also grow and harvest corn, beans and alfalfa on a combined 1,500 acres of cropland. Ferry’s utilize their crops by feeding half to their cattle and marketing the rest. 12 employees work on the farm helping with day to day responsibilities.

“We’re most excited to be able to give the public an opportunity to connect with where their food comes from,” Ali said. “We want to open up our doors and help remove any misconceptions about food and agriculture.”

The Ferry’s invite you to check out the farm online by visiting their Facebook page, and look forward to meeting visitors in person at their farm September 21 during the final Breakfast on the Farm of the season.

Last Updated 09/10/2013