Meet the Van Loon Family


The Van Loon family, owners of Wheeler Dairy in Breckenridge, Mich., are looking forward to helping consumers learn more about dairy farming this summer as they host the fourth Breakfast on the Farm of 2015.

Leon and Marleen have been farming together since 1980. They have four children Gert, Wouter, Tinne and Sanne. Gert, Wouter and Sanne are all involved in the farm full time. Tinne is a photojournalist living in Cairo, Egypt.

In 2001 the Van Loon family decided to chase the American dream and moved from Belgium to St. Louis, Michigan to start Mibelloon Dairy. By 2002 they were milking 800 cows. In 2005 they decided that it was time for an expansion so they built a rotary parlor and increased their herd to 3,500 cows. Two years later in 2007, Van Loon Farms was established. This farm manages their crop production and manure disposal for Mibelloon Dairy I and II.Construction for Wheeler Dairy began in 2013 and six short months later the first cows were milked! Wheeler Dairy houses 3,500 head with a 90 stall rotary parlor. This is where the BOTF event will take place.

The Van Loon’s are members of Michigan Farm Bureau. They are a proud family owned farm and hope to teach consumers about the technology that goes into modern day farming. Their event will take place on Aug. 15 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. with breakfast served from 9 a.m. to noon.

Last Updated 07/16/2015