Meet the Humm Family


Kent and Olan Humm of Humm Farm, LLC are excited to be hosting the third Breakfast on the Farm event of the year.  Along with their families, Kent and Olan will open up their crop farm to the public to show off modern agriculture practices and answer questions about their family owned operation.  

Great grandfather Perry Humm came to the Breckenridge area in the late 1920’s. In the years following, each generation of the Humm family expanded into various homesteads in the Breckenridge area. Kent and Olan are now the sixth generation in their family to farm. The family’s passion for agriculture doesn’t stop with them as there is plenty of interest from the children they are raising. Today, the brothers farm 3,000 acres. They harvest 1,300 acres of corn, 1,300 acres of soybeans and 400 acres of wheat. They don’t let anything go to waste as they bale straw, a byproduct of the wheat, as well. By marketing their crops through Michigan Agricultural Commodities, Inc. (MAC), the grain Humm’s produce ends up in livestock feed and ethanol fuel.

Kent and Olan both started working on the farm when they were teenagers. During that time their father, Ted, ran the operation. After finishing his Ag Tech degree, Kent came back to the farm to work alongside Ted. He worked various other jobs during the winter months to supplement the farm income. Olan went on to work as an auto technician but knew he belonged on the farm. After developing a succession plan with their father, in 2004 the brothers were ready to take over the business. This included doubling the amount of acres they worked and bringing new technology, such as using soil sampling and global positioning systems, to the farm.   

Humm Farm is very concerned with the wellbeing of their farm land and environment. They are MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environment Assurance Program) verified for both Homestead and Farmstead systems. Humm’s use various techniques to decrease soil erosion, reduce fuel usage and increase soil quality. Humm Farm also contributes to the use of renewable resources by having five wind turbines on some of the property they farm.

Kent and his wife, Erika, have two children; Keegan (14) and Karson (10). Olan and his wife, Erin, have four children; Isaac (8), Aimon (6), Brinley (3) and Maezee (2). Humm’s were recently named Farm Family of the Year at the annual Gratiot County Rural Urban Day. Kent and Olan are both very active in the community. Kent sits on the township board and serves on the Gratiot County fair for youth board, Olan is involved with the Farm Service Agency as a committee member and both are members of Michigan Farm Bureau and continue to be involved with the Breckenridge FFA Alumni and the local 4-H program. Together, with the Gratiot County community, both families are eager to host a Breakfast on the Farm event because they feel it is important to educate the public about how farmers contribute to the food system and how they are invested in the health of the environment.

Last Updated 07/29/2013