Meet the Crandall Family


Brad & Mark Crandall are looking forward to opening their dairy operation, Crandall Dairy Farm LLC, to the public and hosting the first Breakfast on the Farm program of the year. The brothers both began their farming careers after attending college. Brad started dairy farming in 1994 and Mark joined the operation in 1999. Crandall Dairy Farms has a herd of 580 cattle. Their milking cows produce an average of 11.6 gallons per day and are milked three times each day. The bulk tank that collects all the milk on the farm has the capacity to hold 7,000 gallons of milk at a time. The milk is marketed through Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) and finds its way into many different dairy products.  

Bard and Mark are the fifth generation in their family to operate the farm which originated in 1883. The brothers grew up watching their parents, Larry and Gloria, run the farm. Crandall’s also grow soybeans, corn, alfalfa and wheat on around just under 800 acres of crop land. This year they have 51 acres of soybeans, 400 acres of corn, 225 acres of alfalfa and 85 acres of wheat. They utilize all of the crops they produce by feeding them to their cattle and putting some on the market. Outside of all the work the family puts into the operation, Crandall Dairy Farms has three full time employees and seven part time employees.

Since the brothers have taken over the operation, they have expanded the herd and built a new parlor. Crandall Dairy Farms LLC is excited to show the public how they care for their livestock and how they are stewards of the environment. They have many practices that ensure their children will be able to enjoy the land in the future. Examples of this are noticeable when looking at their water conservation practices, as well as their focus on erosion control. 

The brothers are members of Michigan Farm Bureau and Michigan Milk Producers Association. Brad and his wife, Monica, have three children- Zach (12), Kylie (10) and Isabel (8). Mark and his wife, Sara, have four children- Logen (12), Katie (10), Marin (6) and Avery (4).

Last Updated 07/03/2014